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Young & Alive: 4am

They sat slumped on the floor revealing part of themselves they never knew existed before. Maybe they looked like lovers to the outside world, wide eyed and ready to fall in to one another’s arms. That wasn’t it though, they felt more alive together with the music pumping through their veins and lights flashing in … More Young & Alive: 4am


He’s here, he’s around, you never were. Except his hand doesn’t fit mine like yours did, He smells nice yet I don’t inhale him, He’s tall like you but I don’t feel quite as safe in his arms, He hates biting, but you left marks all over my neck, He’ll hug me at the end … More Ghost

Dull shift at work means another scribbled bit on a #receipt pad #work #bored #bar #hotel A bustling backdrop is where she finally found peace. Bubbles in the glass in her hands, chatter from humans all around, whistling by the wind through her hair. She breathed, taking it all in, the twinkling lights, chestnuts roasting, … More  The latest in the receipt series catching fireflies along the shore, chasing their light after dark too much lager turning in to laughter running down the beach energetically like children  till we lost our innocence  And the sky got stormy…