Pieces of home

It was one of those days where there was a cold bitter chill in the November air. She had missed her train with a half an hour wait for the next one. People had been making fun of her accent all day, usually she didn’t mind but today it made her feel that pang of … More Pieces of home

Receipt 22

She learnt to let the wind be the one to ruffle her hair up. The sun put the heat back in to her soul and the stars reignited the twinkle in her eyes. She found her own heartbeat and let her butterflies dance with the birds that flew above her. Once again she had found … More Receipt 22


It was intense always, she smiled. His fixed stare, his hold on me. Every conversation purposeful, our love making passionate. The way the strength of his arms wrapped around me made me feel weak and strong at the same time. I thought we were magnets with our connection so intense, it could only attract, but … More Magnets


He planted kisses on her skin and compliments in her mind. She learnt to love herself and grow that love with his nurture so that eventually every inch of her skin was covered in freshly sprouted love which continuously spread as if a tattoo sleeve was coming to life all over her body. She dispersed … More Nurtured 


Oh my darling, we are so arrogant, But with a love this eminent, Who can blame us? Let them talk and stare, We won’t care, We know it’s real, Every time our lips seal 

Receipt 21

I collided with him like I was a star in the Big Bang.  The next one was bumpier like a plane landing on the runway. Then he crashed in to me like a train derails in to a platform. But you were calmer, more like the ocean hugging the shore, letting me breathe on my … More Receipt 21