Don’t settle

She’s your ex for a reason, I remember you calling her boring, she wants a life right here but you need to go exploring. So please don’t settle friend, You weren’t convinced at the beginning or end, you weren’t destined to blend, your heart just needs to completely mend. You put a ring on her … More Don’t settle

Crossing you

I lose something every time I cross you: my breath, my ability to speak, my balance, even the thought of you has me crashing around and spilling things and being more careless particularly about my heart.


People do not come in to our lives as blank canvases, I think that is why we adore babies so much, for there are no marks are upon them, nothing has influenced them yet. But everyone you meet however significant you become to them has had a life lived before you and without you. They … More Tarnished


There’s no smoke without fire, don’t light a cigarette if you won’t smoke it, that’s what you said but we set each other alight and it’s going to be a long time till we see the smoke rise up from cinders. Our cigarette will always go from my mouth to yours and refuses to be … More Cigarettes 

He the moon.

The moon shines brightly as a constant reminder of everything past and present. Everything painful from the past, everything I’m lucky to have now. The moon, he looks happy and is as radiant as ever. Yet he isn’t whole. So I shouldn’t have to be either to reach my own potential. The stars are scattered … More He the moon.

Pick your poison

My gran always told me to pick a poison but that the key was to take it seriously.If you pick an alcohol, then you must pick red or white, never rose, vodka, gin, whiskey or rum but always straight. If you pick a food, make sure it is rich, a strong smelly cheese, a 70% … More Pick your poison


A face full of make-up, hair falling over my face. Heeled boots and a leather jacket. sarcastic remarks and fighting talk. Quietly watching, not giving much away. This is my armour and one layer will peel like an orange but the other takes a lot of work to force away, I just hope you stay … More Exposed