“Ey up love, can yer recommend me a good Chinese round ‘ere please?”  A stout gentleman rested his hands upon the bar, he was a little shorter than her but managed to meet her gaze. “Sure”, the girl said, for she did this multiple times a week. “There’s one just off the Main Street in … More Chinese


So they’ll detonate a few bombs in throughout our great cities, kill our friends and families, but refuse to destroy our spirits, because after all, we built this, from nothing We used to live in stick houses and make fire with our bare hands, from that we discovered bricks and glass, we created paths, carriages … More Manchester


He was waiting for me, On a warm night, little did I know as I hit the flush, That once I unlocked that door, He would pounce like a panther, Push me in to the cubicle, bash my head against the wall, I thought I’d scream, but no sound came, He stole more than just … More Pounce