“Ey up love, can yer recommend me a good Chinese round ‘ere please?” 

A stout gentleman rested his hands upon the bar, he was a little shorter than her but managed to meet her gaze.

“Sure”, the girl said, for she did this multiple times a week.

“There’s one just off the Main Street in the city, you’re best off getting a taxi there. She could visualise exactly which route the taxi would take to get there, it would drop him at the side and he would have to walk round to the front, it was a dark and rainy night but over the bar, she could see him holding a large umbrella. Business man she thought.

“Ahh”, he nodded as if in agreement, 

“One of your regular haunts is it?” 

“No, I just have it on very good authority”, she smiled at the thought of the girl who used to pull pints alongside her on this bar. She had never really been a fan of Chinese food herself but Megan had sworn by this place tucked away from the large overcrowded place right in the centre. Although they had only ever ordered hungover takeaway from it which she could barely manage. 

“Well, I’ll just ‘av ter check it out for meself”, the man’s strong Yorkshire accent was obvious, he must have originally been from these parts. She always thought it was nice when people didn’t lose their roots and returned back to God’s county. 

“Cheers for that, I’ll let yer know if it’s any good”, he said as he wandered off to find a taxi, Peroni in hand.

She was left feeling a small sadness but knew that Megan would be proud of her recommendation and that in itself was enough to make her feel content for the rest of the shift. 

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