Just like a wide proton arc, they illuminated their path with a deep hue, highlighting everything they came across radiating warmth as if it were a nuclear power posessing those around them with a rare light that was fuelled by hope.

Almost like a river constructed of light flowing towards the moon, this was a universe in which those wishes upon stars had come true and they were together as one, a soul and mind in the same place.

What was behind them felt  light years away, they were burning through the darkness like only light can, a core of consciousness erupting with appreciation for where they were right now. No darkness could dim the glow of their electric hue bursting through creating atmosphere.

Having known this, right here is what they had been waiting for since they were just atoms of space dust, before they collided snd found their dust. They had always been able to light up a sky, they had just never had the right force behind them before.

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  1. carina_maz says:

    Omggg I loooveee thiss!!! I love writing space metaphors, and your descriptive words are BEAUTIFUL! So much imagery ❤

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