The sadness has returned to his voice again, I can hear the cracks in it even over the phone, a year later and they still break my heart. A year since you lost your battle and we all still feel it, your absence felt most when the seasons change, yet your state does not. It’s … More D=S X T

Pizza box 

She was waiting for me as I exited the shop, I stepped off the shop’s step, looked down and there she was. Her eyes widened as she saw the warm cardboard blue box I was carrying with the two white dots. I lowered myself to her level and handed it to her.  She opened it … More Pizza box 

Once again 

So here you are, once again, Tears streaming down your face, Shaking and fearing something you don’t even know of yet You’re sat on the toilet floor hugging your knees struggling to breathe, And for those 10 minutes it all feels so painful Like time has frozen and you are still thirteen  At school with … More Once again 


Just like a wide proton arc, they illuminated their path with a deep hue, highlighting everything they came across radiating warmth as if it were a nuclear power posessing those around them with a rare light that was fuelled by hope. Almost like a river constructed of light flowing towards the moon, this was a … More Steve


“Ey up love, can yer recommend me a good Chinese round ‘ere please?”  A stout gentleman rested his hands upon the bar, he was a little shorter than her but managed to meet her gaze. “Sure”, the girl said, for she did this multiple times a week. “There’s one just off the Main Street in … More Chinese


So they’ll detonate a few bombs in throughout our great cities, kill our friends and families, but refuse to destroy our spirits, because after all, we built this, from nothing We used to live in stick houses and make fire with our bare hands, from that we discovered bricks and glass, we created paths, carriages … More Manchester