I’ve not written for a little while because I’ve felt I needed a break mainly for three reasons  Because my inspiration was running a little dry and I wanted to spend some time reading in order to improve my own work  Because I have been focusing on short stories and a basis for a couple … More PAUSE

Before you 

And before you my life was silly: Drunkness and dance floors, Boys in the wrong beds, Joking with the jesters But you brought a stillness With you I didn’t want to live it at 100 miles an hour, I wanted to live the moments as they came to us over and over Kissing in the … More Before you 

Hearts are heavy

I never knew heartbreak was an actual thing. Not a physical thing anyway. I thought it was something people just said but over the past week, I have felt it. A pain in my chest. Real pain and a heavy heart. My uncle is dying. My uncle. My dad’s twin brother. My cousin’s dad. The … More Hearts are heavy


This week I have conquered one of my biggest fears and it has been one hell of a week with three job interviews as well as starting a new job and balancing my current jobs. I am pretty proud of myself for this week and that is not something that I say often so it … More Success!