Just like a wide proton arc, they illuminated their path with a deep hue, highlighting everything they came across radiating warmth as if it were a nuclear power posessing those around them with a rare light that was fuelled by hope. Almost like a river constructed of light flowing towards the moon, this was a…

He the moon.

The moon shines brightly as a constant reminder of everything past and present. Everything painful from the past, everything I’m lucky to have now. The moon, he looks happy and is as radiant as ever. Yet he isn’t whole. So I shouldn’t have to be either to reach my own potential. The stars are scattered…

Receipt 14 

Tonight, the sky looked so beautiful, the moon and the stars so clear. Her camera wouldn’t capture the sharpness of the shapes as they shone. Therefore, her huge smile and perfect moment of content remained just another secret between her and the universe

Shooting stars

View this post on Instagram Receipt #7 I think we had it wrong about shooting stars, they aren't for us to wish on but just glimmers of hope showing us what we have the potential to be. Maybe some day, I'll be better at life. #shootingstars #poetsofig #night #hope #toughtimes #writing #handwritten #writersofinstagram #someday #wish…

Our universe

Let me collapse in to your arms every night just like the galaxies do in to themselves, we can create our own universe between these sheets.