Shoutout to my ex: Radar

I like the way you still keep one eye on me as we circle this room, we still never quite lose track of each other while in the same vicinity.

You would still jump to my defence if I needed it, you still hate that I talk to him, that he’s a close friend,

But we were only ever picture perfect, we are kept enclosed in that keyring at the bottom of a drawer somewhere and now you’re happy with her because she suits you better,

So now we admire each other’s beauty from a healthy distance

Thankful for the time we got together and everything we learnt from each other,

Still intrigued by your part of the world and I still want to go someday,

I still read articles you share and attempt to understand there even if you aren’t here to explain them,

Sometimes I catch a competition on television and I leave the channel on for little longer before I flick through,

I remember you getting excited over the olympics and us celebrating the victory of our teams in excited chatter.

We no longer share a bed but I still enjoy that across a room full of people, my eyes occassionally find you knowing we are still on each other’s radar.

I wish you the best and still respect everything you are.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. carina_maz says:

    This is so relatable, I’m in love with your writing!

    1. EmilyFm says:

      Thank you so much for all your lovely comments, encourages me so much!! x

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